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Pastor Charlie Stevens established with a board of directors, God First Teaching Ministries Inc. , a 501c (3) non-profit in 2001 with a twofold vision:

  • To preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples whenever and wherever the Lord leads.
  • To share the Hope we have in Jesus and provide a home for children who are orphans or can no longer live with their parents.

To fulfill the first part of the vision Pastor Charlie opened Church On The Go in downtown Hollister, Missouri. Many people were saved, delivered, healed and baptized from 2001-2006. Pastor Charlie resigned from being Senior Pastor in 2006 so he could follow the Lord's direction and travel the world to evangelize. Charlie has now had the opportunity to share the gospel in Am.Samoa, Nuie, Tonga, Philippines, Kenya, India and most recently Japan. Church On The Go is now the evangelistic arm of God First Teaching Ministries Inc. Charlie plans on taking mission teams to the nations to fulfill the great commission to go and preach the gospel and make disciples.

To fulfill the second part of God First Teaching Ministries Inc. vision, Charlie opened Hope House Children's Home in 2002 in Reeds Spring, Missouri, (just outside Branson, Missouri) The Stevens have ministered to over 170 children in their home and continue to minister at Hope House Children's Home. Currently we are supporting orphanages and ministries in Kenya, Mozambique, India, Japan and the Philipinnes. 

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